Chingona Mystery Package

Chingona Mystery Package

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First ever CHINGONA Mystery Package!

I will personally be putting together a Chingona package (box or bag) with mystery goodies just for you! Packages can be a combination of shirts, stickers, earrings, necklaces, pins, bracelets, notebooks, signs, koozies, totes, purses, mugs, sweatshirts, keychains, candles and other items that can be one of a kind, new items, soon to be released etc!!

Bronze⚡️ $35 - (minimum value $60)
Silver ⚡️$50- (minimum value $100)
Gold ⚡️$100- (minimum value $200)
Platinum ⚡️$200- (minimum value $400)

🗣 give me a description if you'd like it a little personalized. If left blank, I will surprise you completely 

• Bronze, XL, Virgo, Silver, Dog Mom, Red, I'm a part-time Toxica, part-time Bruja
• Gold, Large, Scorpio, Mom of 3 boys, check my Facebook for more
• Silver, Medium, I'm adventurous AF give me the tacos con todo and check my Facebook, Google my name, if you want to if not just throw stuff in the box and surprise me 😂